Projects & Overweight Cargo


Understanding the importance


of well-coordination and the care project cargo needs with regarding to its transportation, NSS develops fully customised services for overweight and / or oversized cargo of any kind.


Regardless if its the whole process of transportation,


or only a challenging part that you need, NSS expertise in handling such cargo over the years allows our team to fully execute the transportation whether by ocean or land professionally, safely, and as speedy as possible.


Having transported numerous project cargo by sea and land,


the sensitivity and value of project cargo is something we acknowledge and take into consideration. Project cargo needs special operations unlike any other and must be customised to each item.

Our team will be involved from start to finish


When working on project cargo, our aim is to ease all transportation aspects, ensuring your cargo is transported safely and within the time and budget limit.

Our Projects Team will


  • Study the cargo dimensions and weight thoroughly

  • Study the clients requirements for transportation

  • Build one or more solutions and plans and offer client in order to choose one which matches their goals

  • Fully execution of the clients chosen transportation option

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